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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Treatsie Review March 2015 and Free Box Coupon Code!

Treatsie is a monthly subscription site costing $19.95 after shipping costs, they sent artisan and unique treats from independent U.S. retailers.

This is my first Treatsie box and i'm happy to say it was well worth the money! I must note that I DID use the promo code for double sweets in my first box, so this box has more items than normal subscriptions. But fear not, if you use the code FRBUCO01 then you can also get double the items (for first time subscriptions only). Or you can get your first box free with the code FIRSTBOX22 (i'm not sure when this one expires though).

On to the snacks!

Quin Fruit Lillipops in 4 different flavors $4. I haven't tried these yet, I don't really like hard candy/lollipops so I will be gifting them.

Avenue Sweets Gourmet Caramels (i'd say this about a $5 value at least). These are amazing, there was a salted caramel flavor, and a cappuccino and dark chocolate.

Emoticandy (fruit flavors) $7. I haven't tried these yet, I'm not a fan of hard candy so I'll be gifting these.

Lambrecht Southern Pecan Toffee - This is DELICIOUS! $6.50

Stick Toffee Pudding Co. Millionaire Shortbread $3.50 - This was really good, but the Texas heat made it a little messy to consume.

J&M Foods Triple Chocolate Cookies $8 - loved the texture of these, perfect with my morning coffee.

Zingerman's Candy "What the fudge" bar $6. This is HEAVY stuff, I can only eat a little piece at a time, so it's well worth the price.

Overall i'm happy with the selection I got and the value is superb, but i'm expecting to only get 4 snacks in my next box since I had used the "double" treats promo code on this one.