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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Doctor Who Fashion

Alright, I will openly admit that I am one of the biggest nerds you'll meet. I love school, videogames, science, reading, and I most definitely love Science Fiction. I watched all 6 seasons of the new Doctor Who from November to the middle of January (I even watched a few episodes of the Tom Baker older episodes from the 60s). While I love the show, I was starting to feel a little disappointed by some of the episodes, luckily my favorite writer took over for season 5 and 6. Even MORE lucky for me is that Amy Pond (the new cute, Irish, and fashion savvy assistant played by actress Karen Gillan) showed up and will be around for at least another season.

I was shocked at how similar are fashion sense is (or at least her character, I don't know what she dresses like in real life). She wears plaid half the time, chucks, tights, and semi-cowboyish boots. So I decided that I should pick up some of her styles that I hadn't thought of yet, since I fell in love with them when I saw them. Basically the styles I caught a liking to are: wearing a mini skirt in a casual way, wearing tights with my boots (I usually only wore my boots with jeans), and wearing my casual jacket more (I tend to wear my nicer trench coats a lot).

I always kept my mini skirts for going out on the weekends or for looking sexy/classy when I'm out with my boyfriend. However I'm really digging this new look and have tried it out 3-4 times already in different ways. So I decided to share one of my Amy Pond inspired outfits:

What I love about this outfit is that I didn't buy anything to achieve the look, I already have all of the items laying around! I just never thought to put them together like this.

  • Tights: You can't really see it well in this picture but my tights are grey Chevron patterned. It's actually extremely obvious in person. I got them for $2.11 at the end of December from CharlotteRusse: You can still get them here if your interested
  • Boots: ZigiSoho is the brand, and I got them for around $35-40 from DSW a little over a year ago.
  • Brown Stretchy Miniskirt: $6.50 at Forever 21. Now I want to buy all the colors since I've found a way to wear them more often!
  • Sweatshirt: Gap, I got this 2 years ago when it was on sale for about $20
  • Jacket: I found this at Marshalls this summer for $10 on clearance (man I love that place!) and the brand is Sashimi
Do any of you have any fashion role models? And have you recreated their look for yourself? I'm always interested to see what inspires everyone, especially when it comes to fashion!


  1. Wow.. that's an informative post.. I recently tried to create the look Aria has in Pretty little liars.. I love her style.. <3

    Check out my blog.. n follow if you like.. :)

    1. I keep meaning to watch that show! I think i've seen the actress in something else too but I can't remember...Thanks for following! I followed back :)

  2. This is a great post! Love the look!! really pretty!I would definitly try something like this!

    check out my blog if you want to! found you on beautylish!
    Sabrina xoxo