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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Nail Therapy Thursday: NCLA Dirty Martini Swatch

Alright, another session of school = lots of nail biting. I'm in need of more nail polish therapy to stop biting my nails. This is NCLA's Dirty Martini (Retails at $16). I was expecting this to be as neon as it is, I thought it would be more olivey...but since I have a ton of olive polishes already this may be something more unique. Not sure how I feel about it yet, but I LOVE dirty martinis and it goes decently with my skin tone.


Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Project X Pan

I'm sure almost everyone knows what a P10P is, but just in case you don't...I just moved bathrooms yesterday since me and one of my roomies have adopted the stray neighbor cat. We put her litter in her bathroom and figured since she's "our" cat we should be the only ones dealing with her mess in the bathroom lol.

Picture of me and kitteh. She somehow found her way under my arm while I was sleeping, no idea when that happened. She just had surgery for an abscess :(

Anyway, as I was moving my items into the SMALLER bathroom (sad face) I realized how many things i've accumulated over the past year. I KNOW all of these items were from the past 12 months (from monthly beauty boxes, impulse buys, and swaps with friends) since I had almost zero makeup and only one nail polish at this time a year ago. 

The makeup bags in the back are designated for 1. blush 2. lip and eye products, and 3. for nail polish (which I have a second bag for underneath the sink...yet somehow only have 27 polishes total). And my 5-6 perfumes are hidden in the back so they don't fall off the shelf.

The Julep tote is filled with hair products (most of these i've actually had for a couple of years)

These are perfume samples. I usually get 3-4 every time I make an order at Sephora

I was actually curious and had made a list of what I have 2 months ago (so it PROBABLY has increased a bit since then, but not too too much. Now i've been told I really don't that HAVE many items compared to other girls (most likely because i've only been buying makeup for the past year). But needless to say, I have enough to feel as though I have been buying more than I can use.

Polish: 27
Shadow Palettes: 5 (one is so old I desperately need to throw it away)
Shadow Pots: 6
Glosses: 9
Lipsticks/crayons: 5
Blushers: 12
Bronzers: 3
Eyeliners: 29.... :-/
Foundation: 2
Concealor: 5
Mascara: I THINK about 10 now. I keep getting samples!! Only 3 are full sizes. Of these two I only actually bought 2!!
Perfume samples: too many to count, probably 25?
Also, I have a LOT of primers, especially for someone who does not use them. I got a ton in beauty boxes and the Sephora It Kits.

So these are the items I've decided to have a project x pan on, a have a TON of small skincare samples so I should probably include those as well.

1. CVS Makeup Wipes (pretty sure i'm down to the last one or two anyway)
2. Josie Maran Makeup Wipes (haven't opened this yet)
3. Willa moisturizer (got this in my Birchbox, it's a sample size but has been lasting me a few months already, even with daily use)
4. Buxom cream shadow in Collie (got this with a Buxom box set and i've only used it once)
5. Not Your Mothers anti-fizz cream (should be almost done with this too, from my influenster beauty bloggers box)
6. Sephora Anti-Shine Primer (used once, from sephora it kit)
7. The Balm BodyBuilder mascara (got this in my Ipsy two months ago and will probably toss in 2 more months)
8. Apothederm Stretch Mark cream (should be almost done with this)
9. Urban Decay Makeup Setting Spray (from sephora it kit)
10. 3 perfume samples
11. (because it's small) Bareminerals Stroke of Light (again from a sephora it kit)

As you can see, most of these things I did not buy myself. So it'll be nice to use them up and decide what I would repurchase or not. I will keep you updated :)

Have you guys done a project pan? how long did it take you? What did you reward yourself with?

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Julep Greens - Lisa and Haylee

I decided to post the two greens i've been wearing lately from Julep. Lisa is from my October Maven's Choice box (the month was crackle themed and I chose the box without any crackle polishes).

Lisa is supposed to be a pebble grey, but it's actually more of a green khaki. This reminds me of the L'oreal Safari Chic I got a few months back but with more hints of grey to it. I like it a lot and I think it suits olive skin well.

Without Flash

With Flash

Haylee was from the November box, which included holiday themed colors in suede matte finishes. This is a really lovely color for the holidays, and I am in LOVE with it. HOWEVER, even with the matt top coat that I received chipping began immediately. And by immediately I mean within 3 hours. I tried the sandwich coating that was suggested on a forum (matte coat, regular top coat, and then matte again), but the polish still began to chip the next day. Overall this was a fail, even though I love the color :(