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Thursday, February 16, 2012

YesStyle Haul - Jan/Feb 2012

Anyone who knows me well knows i'm obsessed with Korean culture; including the TV dramas and the clothing.  A few years back I found a site called, a sister site of where I buy my Korean drama DVDs.  YesStyle sells Taiwanese, Korean, and Japanese clothing and is based in Hong Kong.

The variety is AMAZING, you will get lost at this site if you're not careful.  There are thousands of products that range from $10-60 each.  I usually set my settings for $25 and under and find amazing clothes for cheap, yet still good quality. I've been ordering from this site once or twice a year for a few years now, I usually do a huge haul since free shipping starts at $150 (though it's only $10 for shipping otherwise).  Usually I get around 9 or 10 items for $150. The reason I keep going back to the site is because these items are EXTREMELY unique and inexpensive! Every time I wear something I've gotten from YesStyle I always receive a compliment on it!

 So although I know have a closet full of YesStyle clothing, I will just post my January haul this time! I don't normally post pictures of clothing but I find it's extremely when others review their YesStyle hauls since products can sometimes be hit or miss! Also, The prices are strange too, it's kind of like Amazon, they change pretty often.  So keep in eye on the things you want while you're shopping to make sure they didn't go up.  I've had a piece in my cart go up $10 in an hour! I believe this all depends on stock and popularity of the product.

This years haul is mostly blouses because I need clothes I can wear when I go out, as well as at school when I TA courses.

My lighting is pretty bad so I only took pictures of a couple, the rest are pictures taken from the site.

1. Orange Bear - Drape Front Striped Cardigan (My Price: $19.60)
This item is actually plus sized, I got a size 40 (the smallest) and it fit like a cardigan should.  Loose but not too loose. 

2. Orange Bear - Set: Asymmetrical Top + Striped Tank Top (My Price: $19.80)
Again this was plus-sized, I think this particular brand has all plus sized products. I'm pretty small and the smallest size was a little big, but it's supposed to be a baggy look and I like it.

3. Tokyo Fashion - Ruffle Trim Sleeveless Top (Light Green) (My price: $21.00)
I REALLY like this blouse, it's a good quality and comes with the braided belt which I can use for a lot of things.  It's a bit wrinkly but nothing a good ironing can't fix.

4. Tokyo Fashion - Contrast-Trim Pleated Chiffon Top (Light Pink and White) (My Price: $14)
I don't really like the material of this one, it feels a little like taffeta, and it puffs out a bit at the bottom which I don't like too much.  I'll probably end up wearing it with a pencil skirt underneath to balance the poof.

5. SOHO Central - Long-Sleeve Lace Top (Beige) (My Price: 22.50)
This looked a lot better on the model than it does on me, it's a little big on me but I still like it. It's actually pretty warm surprisingly!

 6. Tokyo Fashion - Sleeveless Cutout Ruffle-Collar Top (Light Pink) (My Price: $15) + Belt from Urban Outfitters ($5)
The elastic waist on this falls a little too low (or high depending on what you like) for me.  I definitely have to wear a belt with it, but I don't mind because I love belts!

 7. Tokyo Fashion - Dotted Pleat Skirt (My Price: $19.80)
I really like this skirt, it's a little short, so I'll probably have to wear tights with it.

 8. 59th Street - Button-Detail Paneled Satin Pencil Skirt (Black) (My Price: $10)
This one is a little big for me in the waist since it's supposed to be high waisted. It fits well if it sits lower but the look just isn't right at that part of my waist. I'll probably have to wear a belt with it, but I still like it.

 9.  59th Street - Box Pleat Skirt (Beige) (My Price: $12.50)
I love this skirt! I don't have one in this color.  It's a little girly girl for me...but I knew that before I bought it and wanted to give it a try.

The difficult thing about YesStyle is the sizing, a lot is one size fits all, however there are quite a few that are S-M-L.  However, because the style over there is generally skirt/skinny jeans + a baggier top, the tops tend to really be a one size fit all. 

I've never had an issue with YesStyle, although there is always 1 or 2 items I end up not liking.  A risk we all have with online shopping. However I never send anything back since Hong Kong is pretty far away haha, i'm not sure if they have free return shipping or not since I haven't looked into it.

Usually there are tons of $5 dollar off codes floating around online too!  Hopefully I helped all of you YesStyle shoppers out there, or at least introduced some new shoppers to the site!

I am not affiliated with YesStyle in any way, these opinions are strictly my own.


  1. What a cool site I would have never thought to even look for something like this. Thanks for stopping by my blog :)
    -Ash aka Beauty-Flawed

  2. i like the strped cardigan and Ruffle Trim Sleeveless Top!

  3. omgg i love everything you got!! love yesstyle! :D

    1. thanks! i've noticed that clothes i get at yesstyle are the only ones that stick around in my closet. i usually get rid of clothes every season, but these are always so unique that i never get sick of wearing them!

      thanks for following :)

  4. You sure do put a lot of work into your blog,love it!!

    1. Awww thanks! I appreciate that.

      and thanks for following :)