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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Becca Eye Tint in Baroque - Review and Swatch

Yesterday I received a surprise beauty box from one of the members on  We decided that we would send each other things since our usually monthly beauty subs haven't been the greatest. She was EXTREMELY generous and sent me some really amazing products!! I can't say it enough but this forum/website is amazing and the people are so kind and supportive.

Anyway, one of my favorite things (so far) in the box is the Becca Eye Tint in Baroque (.24oz) and retails at $24 that she received in her Beauty Box 5 monthly box. I'm not subscribed to this because $12 is a little too much for a box i'm not sure i'm interested in yet.

The description online says that this is "water-resistant, crease-resistant, long-lasting." 

I'm glad she sent me this because I absolutely love it so far because
1. It's a cream shadow
2. It's long lasting 
3. The color is very natural looking. I don't wear a lot of bright shadows because I prefer to wear bold eyeliners. So this is perfect and I hope to try out more colors from this line (all of the colors in this line are earthy/natural tones)

As you can see, this particular color is slightly darker than my skin color. This works perfectly for me since I don't like a lot of color on my lids (unless i'm going out). Even more, the fact that this is a cream shadow means this doubles as an eye primer for me!

Overall I really like this products so far. However, it's extremely expensive for the amount, and I don't think this would last me very long.

Product: A
Value/Price: C


  1. I really like eye tints, but you're right. It is kind of expensive. :/


  2. I agree, there are so many great people on makeuptalk!

    I got the Becca eye tint in a lighter, champagney color, and I wish it worked for me but it just completely disappears, is pretty much exactly the same shade as my lids :(

  3. The lady you traded w/ sounds pretty awesome! Ha ha. Glad you liked it :)