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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Little Black Bag Haul!

Hey everyone, sorry I have been missing for the last month. I had a ton of papers to write for grad school but i'm taking a break right now to showing you what I just got in my Little Black Bag.

I've been doing this for about a month now and I am embarrassed to say how many bags I've I won't! It's $49.50 a month (you can skip or cancel whenever you want), and you choose a main item that you like (a bag, wallet, watch, makeup etc.) and it then matches you with 2-4 other items that equal at least (usually more) $100. Then you get 7 days to trade with other users and get things you really want (and raise the value of your bag).

I had two exchange credits from my first bag (I'll post the previous ones later). I took the entire 7 days to trade and worked my way up to about $324 worth of items.

Here is what I got! Enjoy! And if you're's the link :)

Betsey Johnson Crystal Bow Earrings - $40
 Haskell Feather Earrings - $12
 Robert Rose Multi Leaf Earrings - $14
 This is the back side of them.
 Rain Tribal Earrings - $45
 Matt and Nat Wallet (completely recycled from bottles) - $65
 Matt and Nat wallet next to Melie Bianco Belted Satchel - $88

 Betsey Johnson Square Framed Glasses in Yellow Tort - $60

What's in your Little Black Bag? :)


  1. This seems like a really interesting concept, and I LOOOVE what you got from LBB! I just think the whole trading thing would personally drive me up the wall, haha.

  2. love the bow earrings <3 so pretty. I found your blog through Beautylish and am now following you :)
    My blog: Beautiful Solutions