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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Julep Greens - Lisa and Haylee

I decided to post the two greens i've been wearing lately from Julep. Lisa is from my October Maven's Choice box (the month was crackle themed and I chose the box without any crackle polishes).

Lisa is supposed to be a pebble grey, but it's actually more of a green khaki. This reminds me of the L'oreal Safari Chic I got a few months back but with more hints of grey to it. I like it a lot and I think it suits olive skin well.

Without Flash

With Flash

Haylee was from the November box, which included holiday themed colors in suede matte finishes. This is a really lovely color for the holidays, and I am in LOVE with it. HOWEVER, even with the matt top coat that I received chipping began immediately. And by immediately I mean within 3 hours. I tried the sandwich coating that was suggested on a forum (matte coat, regular top coat, and then matte again), but the polish still began to chip the next day. Overall this was a fail, even though I love the color :(

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