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Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Look Bag is Back! October 2012

The Look Bag took a hiatus over the Summer to get some kinks worked out, but now they're back and with a 25% off code (the code is TLB) off of your first bag. It now costs $12.95 (it used to cost $12). While these are not all products i'm necessarily interested in or going to use, i'm very happy with the variety and the 4 full size products.

So for a little over $9 this is what I got:

FULL SIZE York Peppermint Pattie Lip Balm SPF15 - Value = $3.00
- I probably won't be using this, it's a sunscreen balm (which means it won't be very moisturizing) and it smells like sugar instead of peppermint.
FULL SIZE Stila Mineral Matte Eye Shadow in Sajama. Value = $18.00
-I'll probably try to find someone to swap this with, I don't really wear dark eyeshadows 
1 oz. Freeman Bare Foot Cucumber, melon and ginseng lathering body wash. Value = $0.72 
FULL SIZE Pixi Lip and Line Primer in nearly clear. Value = $18.00
- I don't really do lip colors...but I'll use it for when I do, since I do get annoyed how quickly the color comes off. Let's see if this helps!

FULL SIZE POP Beauty crackle nail polish. Value = $10.00
- While i'm excited about this, I wish I would have ordered my bag a couple of weeks earlier because I had JUST bought Julep's black crackle for 4.99. SIGH Oh well. At least now I get to try out a new brand.
Total value - $49.72 

Like I said, I'm pretty excited about this bag even though there's nothing i'm super excited about. But I can use most of it and compared to my last five months of Birchbox this is a dream come true!

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