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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Little Black Bag December! $544 haul :)

Wow I suck. Sorry guys! It's been a long time since i've posted. I need to get back on top of things. I had a busy semester but it paid off, I may get to go to a conference! Yay! Speaking of which, I should start doing more film reviews since that's what I study, would anyone be interested in that?

ANYWAY, this is my HUGE Little Black Bag haul from the beginning of the month (refer to this link to read how the site works). I opened with the bag that I show at the end of the video, and I never traded it. I wanted to mention that i had NO gifts and NO credits/exchanges, so I'm really proud of how much I got (value of $544!!) If you guys want me to post some tips on how I get a higher valued bag let me know! I forgot to mention how much each item costs in the video so I'll post a list here:

1- Secret Agent Beauty Agent Golden Spy Lip Gloss - $16
2- Nila Anthony Plaid Crossbody - $75
3- By Philippe Circle Threader Earrings - $30
4- Red by Marc Ecko Side Studded Tote - $89 (I opened with this)
5- By Philippe Tiered Diamond Cut Drop Earrings - $40
6- RJ Graziano Druzy Stone Necklace - $39
7- Deux Lux Love Drops Wristlet - $49
8- TIGI Dirty Secret Dry Shampoo - $5
9- Deux Lux Love Drops Wristlet - $49
10- By Philippe Double Curved Threader Earrings - $35
11- Pixi Mink Grey Nail Polish - $8
12- Flea Market Girl V Shaped Necklace - $14
13- Jardin Dream Necklace - $34
14- TIGI Dirty Secret Dry Shampoo - $5
15- iWave Audio Reptile Headphones - $25
16- Rain Triangle Earrings - $28

And here's my video/review! It's my first video so be kind :)

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