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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Beauty Box Challenge

I was reading Pammy Blogs Beauty's recent post  and I think her idea is fabulous and I am hopping on the train. I have been on a project pan/low buy since the middle of January. It has been going well (the low buy part) but it is just taking me FOREVER to use up products. And i'm realizing that I may not have a big enough library to do this to myself, considering I only have a few shadows (all browns...). I'm getting bored!

I canceled Birchbox, Ipsy and BeautyArmy last month so I didn't receive any of these this month. Pammy decided to use her budget that she would have spent on her Glossybox ($21) and instead spend it on products she considers "core," or essential to her everyday makeup collection. Whatever she doesn't spend for that month rolls over into next month's budget.

If I were to do this with my canceled beauty boxes my budget would be $32. However, I AM still on a low buy, so this seems to high. And I skipped beautyarmy the month before so I don't consider this a box that I would have spend that much on monthly anyway. So I'm giving myself a budget of $25.

Unlike Pammy I am not going to include shipping in my budget, since she was buying things in store and I do not have a car, so I do have to buy things online. However shipping still sucks and I am usually tempted to get above $50 to get free this budget will make me stay under that limit (unless shipping is somehow $25 and I should just pay the $50...which I can't imagine it ever would be).

So I will be including this month in my challenge....and this is what I bought!

Sally Hansen Maximum Growth and polish in Green With Envy: I Paid $10.50 for these but got $5 in CVS bucks back (which I will probably spend on i'm not going to count that as part of my budget). So I spent $5.50 then.

Cargo Safari 2011 Collection: I got this for $9.95 on Ruelala (I had a $20 referral credit so I just paid the ~$10 for shipping.

Total spent for March: $15.45
Budget rolling over to April: $10.55
Total budget for April makeup spending: $35.55

Seeing as how I spent so little this month (i'm very proud of myself!) I most likely will not spend the entire $35.55 in April. BUT TheBalm is having their 50% off EVERYTHING sale staring at midnight we'll see :)

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