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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

March Indie Gift Box - Squeaky Clean Edition

This was my first Indie Gift Box! It's a themed box that you can choose to buy every month (no subscription required) that send out products from Etsy shops.

So this is what I got!

4 oz bar of soap in pomegranate
probiotic deodorant
two small perfume jars (same scent). Probably has about .2 oz in each? they are super strong though since they're made from real oils
2oz of bubble gum scented lotion (kind of strange but I like it)
a full size lip balm in pink frosted cupcake
and 3 face wash mitts that are made of...knitting yarn?!?! I'm unsure of this one. Does anyone know how to use this?

Overall I liked this box. The value came out to $27 and I paid $26 including shipping. I don't know how often I would order an Indie Gift depends on the theme and how many products are included (you can usually tell because they will list the shops that are included in each box).

Have any of you had experience with Indie Gift Boxes?

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