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Sunday, April 1, 2012

L'Oreal Colour Riche Nail Polish- Safari Chic

I decided to treat myself to some nail polish with my 25% off CVS coupon! This is L'Oreal's Safari Chic. My nails are pretty tiny (and I bite them which doesn't help...) but you can see that this is a muted green/camo color.

I really like this color, however it did take around 3 coats to become this opaque. And it started to chip by the end of the day!! It almost seemed like it just peeled off rather than chipping off which is rather strange.

I'm not sure if this whole line is like this but this one was rather annoying since I had to reapply it the next day.

Color = A+
Consistency = B
Wear/Duration = C

Has anyone tried this line? Do they all "peel" off like this one?  


  1. Hey :) Found you on the blog hop! Great blog, hope to see you follow back!

  2. I found you through the blog hop, though I actually HAVE heard of your blog before!

    I've never tried the polish, but if you really like the color, it *seems* similar, in this photo, anwyay, to Zoya's Bevin. My roomie has it and LOVES it.

    Very nice blog! =)

  3. Found you on blop hop!

    I love the colour but not sure whether I will like it on me. It looks great on you though ;-)



  4. This color is beautiful! Thanks for the visit, and I'm following you now too. Looking forward to more great posts from you!


  5. nice opinion.. thanks for sharing..