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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Nail Therapy Thursday

I'm going to start making Thursday's my Nail color day!

This week's is Julep Maven's Jodie, which I got in my 1 Cent intro box along with 2 other polishes and a hand scrub! Go here if you're interested, and use the code COLOR2012 for the 1 cent promo.

I originally thought this was a bronze/red color because the lighting in my room is terrible. But when I took it to my office I then saw it's more of a shimmery pinkish red (it also look more bronze in this picture although in reality it's pinker). I love all of Julep's polishes because it takes them about a week before they start showing any wear for me. This color isn't the greatest for my short nails (or that fact that i'm not super girly) but overall I still like it.


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