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Friday, April 6, 2012

April Blissmo Box - Beauty, Bath and Body

I received my second Blissmo Box today, and this time I chose the Beauty, Bath and Body themed box, everything is completely natural or organic, some are vegan as well. Here's what I got:

 1. Episencial's Soothing cream for eczema, itches and bothered skin. .75oz
Retail price = 10.99  for 4oz.
My Value =  $2.06
My Initial thoughts: This would have been nice for the winter, since I don't get eczema in the summer. And it would be nice for mosquito season. We'll see if I even get around to trying this until the fall...

2. DermaE Natural Bodycare - Tropical Anti-Aging eye Creme .5oz
This looks like something I would use actually, so i'm happy with it. 
I looks like this retails at around from $14-20, but i'm going to give it the lower price since that's what amazon sells it for. Also this is the full size.

 3. SanRe Organic Skincare 100% Organic Chocolate Lips Moisturizer. This looks like a chapstick, I haven't tried it yet but I will let you know how it works. I'm VERY picky about my we'll see.
This is sold for $4.99 and is also full size.

 4. Wembe Amazonion Soul Chocolate Cleansing Blend soap bar - 3oz.
This looks really neat actually. I'm not into bars of soap, but I've been meaning to try one with caffeine in it to see if it actually does everything it's supposed to for skin - exfoliate, helps circulation for decreasing cellulose etc. And this is actually a very big bar.
This is the full size, and it costs at $7.50. Also, this company looks REALLY cute, you should check out their website if you're interested in soaps.

Total value of box = $28.55

So this was more than the $19 I spend on the box, however I'm a little disappointed that there are only 4 products. I would have rather had smaller samples and more of them. Granted 3 of the 4 are full size, so it's a pretty good deal. And the company's are natural and organic so i'm glad to be supporting them.

Has anyone else received their April Blissmo yet?


  1. Hmm. On one hand, I would absolutely love that chocolate soap and lip balm. On the other hand, you're right, that does seem kind of like an underwhelming box.

    It seems like the last couple of months with Blissmo have been pretty underwhelming for a lot of people, so I'm glad I chose to try Conscious Box instead (I spent forever trying to decide between the two!) But I am so going to have to buy some of that soap!

  2. This looks cool I hadn't heard of this box I'll have to check it out!

  3. I've been really disappointed in Blissmo Box. This is my second month, and I haven't been happy either month. Their customer service department isn't very helpful, either. I'm thinking of canceling this subscription service and sticking with ConsciousBox and EcoEmi. I'm glad I'm not the only one disappointed in this service.

  4. Whoa. So happy I cancelled! I have found products that I've liked, but I just couldn't justify the $19/month price point. I think the December box was my worst one.

    Hold onto that anti itch cream for summertime, especially since you're in Texas! The mosquitoes usually come out with a vengeance, and it's always handy to have something around to keep yourself from wanting to scratch a bite if you get bitten. :)