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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

FOTD! And theBalm Hot Mama review

I decided to do my first face of the day post! This is my second day wearing TheBlam's Hot Mama blush and my 2nd full day wearing Cailyn's black gel eyeliner (that I received in my Feburary Look Bag).

I'm not the greatest at applying eyeliner yet (especially gel) but I'm getting there! I used the eyeliner on my lower lash and waterline, I really like this look and the eyeliner works well there. However I'm always afraid if I wear my eyeliner like this everyday that I'll look strange/nude when I go back to just wearing it on the upperlash line (or when I just wear mascara some days)!

As you can see, my eyeliner is actually a bit of a mess haha. I still haven't gotten a steady hand yet...

Products Used:
theBalm Hot Mama Blush
Cailyn Gel Eyeliner in Black
Origins Full Lash Story Mascara
and that's all!

The Hot Mama blush is REALLY soft. It's definitely an eyeshadow consistency (which make sense that it doubles as a shadow). I really like the color and the shimmer, but whenever I touch my face throughout the day the blush and shimmer rubs right off on my fingers! This means I may have to use a primer or reapply throughout the day.

So at this point I'll give it an A-. It's really quite lovely and I think it'll be my go to blush for awhile now.

Anyone have tips on how to put on gel eyeliner easier? :)


  1. Very pretty Luv! I think you did a great job lining! XO

  2. Your Pictures are really good here : )
    you have a new follower... please follow me !

  3. Very cool I usually end up pressing a setting powder over mine to give it some staying power :)


    1. Yeah I need to start doing that, what brand do you use? I'm new to makeup products so I'm not sure where to start!

  4. You are absolutely gorgeous! I love the way that blush looks on you. Try setting powder or a setting spray to get that lovely blush to stay put! I love the elf makeup mist and set spray--it's only $3!

  5. When I apply gel liner, I used these disposable cotton swabs I got from Ricky's NYC, they have a slight pointed tip, making cat eyes easier. Great post, btw.

  6. nice one...
    btw following u alr ^^

  7. Great blog hunny! Found you on the Blog Hop :)