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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Origins Haul - December 2011

Happy Wednesday everyone! This is a little late, but I wanted to wait until I really got to know these products! I went to Origins during the winter break and decided I wanted to try out their products (since up until then I had only been using their body lotions).

First is the GinZing refreshing eye cream. I absolutely LOVE this eye cream. It reduces my dark circles within 5 minutes.  However, it is only temporary and does not reduce the circles with long term use. I've stopped having to wear concealer under my eyes though when I use this product, since this is actually just a moisturizer.  So if you have dark circles this products will help, depending on the severity you may still need concealer on top though, but not as much. I believe this runs at $29.50 for .5 oz. Quite pricey but you barely need to use any each time so it will last awhile.

The Automagically eye liner in Mulberry is also one of my favorite products.  I use it daily actually, sometimes i'll switch to black eyeliner but this color is so pretty I can use it everyday, with any outfit. It looks almost brown when you first apply, but after about an hour it turns into a metallic like medium shade of purple. I also have to apply 3-4 layers of this to get the color I want. The best part is that it lasts ALL DAY!  Even without a primer! Sometimes it rubs off of my left eye since my bangs touch that eye all day, but even then it still lasts 5 hours. Otherwise it lasts the entire day. This product is $15.00 and comes in numerous colors.

I'm wearing it in this picture but it hasn't "set" yet so it still looks a bit brown.  This picture is more for showing the next product, the Full Story Lush-Lash Mascara.

I'm not a fan of extremely obvious mascara, so I don't tend to coat more than once. I like mascaras that separate, define and lengthen. This mascara is perfect for that! You can still add coats if you wan to make it darker, and even then it doesn't clump much. This is my daily mascara and it'll be hard to fine a product that does a better job for me, but I still love trying out different mascaras! I'm not sure how much this product is, It's $15.00 for a full size. The picture of mine in the product isn't the full-size, it's a sample size I got from them.

Origin's Flower Fusion Lipstick Jasmine Flower has moisturizing flower extracts in it (they have a whole line of these lipsticks). I really like this color, because I wanted something natural looking but nice for going out. I haven't worn it much because I'm still a little uncomfortable wearing lip color to work/class.  But I'm trying to get used to it!  This product is $16.50

Do you own Origins products?  What are you favorites? Do you prefer their skincare or makeup?

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