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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Stila Sale - Up to 80% Off on HauteLook!

Hey makeup lovers,

HauteLook is a site similar to Ideeli.  Everyday there are different deals, usually fashion and designer products, but also home appliances and makeup.  They give ridiculously good deals that you can't find anywhere else, for this reason the deals are only available for a couple of days.

Today until Friday Haute Look has tons of Stila products for up to 80% off.  They have Foundation at $8, eyeliners from $5-10, Smudepots at $10, lipgloss at $6, concealer sticks at $5 and eyeshadows at $6!  Get it now while you can!   Unfortunately I'm trying to save money right now so let me know if you buy anything and how you like the products :)

Sign up and shop Haute Look here! 


  1. I couldn't believe how good the Stila sale was. I feel like the last couple of Urban Decay and Nyx sales have been very meh, with only 1 or 2 stand out deals. But Stils must be cleaning house. I totally had to pull myself back, but I still picked up a lot of stuff. Meep.

  2. I can't believe I forgot to check it out on time... I just went to it now and everything I would want is obviously sold out. Figures! lol

  3. Hello from australia! New follower here!! Found you through beautylish! It's such a shame we dont have anything like this in aus, we get sooo ripped off in cosmetic its double the price here! If you have time please come visit my blog @ The Ugly Moments! looking forward to more post!

    xo kerker