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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

E.L.F. Mystery bag! - Offer Extended!

I was disappointed that I didn't decide to get ELF's mystery bag last night...but turns out they've extended the offer until Midnight today! This was done early this month on the UK site and I viewed some reviews of the bag and they look pretty good :)

If you purchase $20 on their website  and use the code LEAP you will get a mystery bag with a $20 value, which is a lot of products considering their amazing prices. Also 4 people will get a bag worth $100! Here's to hoping :)

I'll be making my order today, even though I just ordered a haul from them this last weekend!


  1. I just tried the Leap code and it says that code code has expired.

    1. I'm sorry! It was only good until midnight central time on 2/29!