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Sunday, February 19, 2012

The Look Bag (February) Review

So now that I've (almost) tried everything out in my LookBag I'm going to review it!

First, the Suki Soap. While I love the smell of this soap it was a little strange when I used it.  Afterward my skin felt almost there was some kind of resistance to water. Almost like it had coated my skin.  However, the stickiness went away once I got out of the shower and it actually moisturized better than any other soap I have. I didn't feel the need to put tons of lotion on (since I have pretty dry skin in the winter). All in all I say it's definitely something I'll continue using till it's used up, but since I'm not a fan of bars of soap I probably won't buy a full sized product.

The KTO eye cream has a strange application. It's extremely liquidy at first, but once I put it on it just would NOT absorb into my skin. Some of it would, but a lot of it just piled into a weird pool of creme that I had to pat off with a tissue. Other than that it moisturized well and it did seem to brighten my dark circles (at least temporarily).  I won't know for sure until I've been using it for a few weeks. The bright side is that it will last me about a month since I barely have to use any at all each time! Overall I think this is a good product, if it actually works then I may invest in a full size bottle.

The Cailyn Eyeliner is AMAZING. I've never had a gel eyeliner and this was so easy to use, the built in brush was great, and it's definitely waterproof and long lasting! I barely had to put any on the brush to cover my whole top lash line. This product alone was worth the $10 the whole bag cost! Especially since it retails at $21.

I've never put on gel eyeliner before so this photo may not do the product justice!

Here's a picture of the eyeliner, I didn't want to put too much on or any on my lower lash line since I'm not going out and just put it on for this picture. I'd rather save it for when I go out of my house haha. I used so little though that I have a feeling this will last me at least a month of everyday wear.

*I'm not affiliated with any of these brands or companies, these reviews are strictly my own personal opinions.

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