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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Tea Review - Chocolate Chai Rooibos

I'm a huge fan of Rooibos tea. It's a red herbal tea from Africa that has a sweet undertones. When I worked as a barista my coworker said rooibos tastes like "sighing" to her. It's a strange analogy, but when you try you'll know what she means! It's so relaxing and the perfect blend of sweetness that it feels like your whole body sighs!

I personally like my rooibos with a little sugar or honey and soy milk. Sometimes I just add soymilk, and sometimes I only add sugar, it depends on my mood. A few weeks ago I went to Central Market and decided to splurge on a flavored rooibos so that I don't have to put as much sugar in it. I was hoping to find a naturally sweetened kind. I ended up choosing "zhena's gypsy tea's" chocolate chai flavored rooibos. No this isn't chai tea, it's chai in the sense that it's spiced.  It has ginger, chocolate and a few other spices.

I'll be honest. While I can smell the spices and chocolate when I open the tin, I can't taste them at all. I'm not sure if I should use 2 packets the next time but this to me just tastes like regular rooibos, and not as strong. However, at $7.99 per 20 sachets I prefer not to use two at a time. I ended up having to add just as much sugar as my regular generic brand (HEB grocery store brand) rooibos and still getting less of a taste.

Will I finish this can? Yes, it's not bad at all.
Is this better than my generic brand $1.50 per 20 packets? No, if anything this tastes weaker.
Would I buy again? At $7.99 a tin? No, i'll just stick with my regular rooibos.

Hopefully I'll find a good flavored one that reduces the amount of sugar I have to put into it, but until then I'll stick to the generic brand I buy!

Do any of you drink rooibos? How do you make it? What brand do you buy?


  1. I am not a big fan of rooibos, I prefer a black or green (I hate white tea) but I have had a good blueberry red tea and I kind of liked it :) I have the same brand of tea in coconut chai and the pods leak tea so badly :( Maybe I just got a bad batch.

    1. I don't like white tea either, I love black tea and am just starting to enjoy green. Though my green tea usually has to be a mixture of something (like lipton's superfruit ones). If you have any suggestions on how to make green tea easier for me to drink let me know!! For some reason I just don't like the taste of it on it's own!

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