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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Blissmo March Intro Box

 I got my Blissmo box about 2 weeks ago and at this point i've tried everything so I can review it. This was the Fitness Foods choice for my introduction box, and I'm not sure how much it actually costs (value wise) but I don't mind because I like it a lot!

I don't know if you can see in this picture, but the Vanilla Orgain Protein Shake spilled all over everything and kind of dried into a crust...I couldn't try this product because it had gone bad from being open and was actually curdled... The chocolate one was pretty good, it's not too sweet which I like. It's a LOT of calories (255 I think) which I actually really like since I haven't been eating much lately (because of my breakup). It's also good for me because I don't eat much in the mornings so this is an easy thing to have instead. The texture is a bit too thick though...but overall I like it.

Sorry about this picture, i'm not sure how to rotate it on the blog! If you know please let me know :) Anyway, the Flax Crackers were AMAZING. I LOVE THEM. I love flax though, and seasoned crackers, so these were great. I'm probably going to buy a bunch from Amazon now. 

The dried mango was very good too, a little pricey on Amazon but I still likd it. 

The Plant Fusion powder/protein shake was an absolute fail for me...I tried mixing it with both milk and water (it asks for water) but couldn't get it to mix AT ALL. I could tell it was tasty...but it just ended up being a bunch of clumps in my water/milk and I ended up dumping it out.

I liked the Larabar, i've heard a lot about them but have never wanted to spend money on them. It was good, but nothing different than a Luna bar/Clif bar kind of thing.

The Blueberry Almond Kutoa bar on the other hand was amazing, which is surprising because I hate blueberry. It was filling (again something like 230 calories) and tasted great and unique. Unfortunately I can't find this to buy anywhere beside on their company website....and it's quite pricey.

Anyway, that's my review! I'm signed up for the 3 month subscription so I should be choosing my next theme soon :)

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  1. Ohhh great review. I have never heard of this.. I must try now.

    New follower from the blog hop.