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Friday, March 9, 2012

JULEP MAVEN - First Box for a Penny! And $20 Mystery Box!

Hey everyone, I'm not the biggest nail polish person. However this is because I bite my nails constantly (grad school stress...), and usually just stick with black nail polish when I want to strengthen them and grow them out for a bit.

I've heard GREAT things about Julep's services and products and decided to give it a try since the first box is only a penny if you use the code MARCHINTRO. It's basically a monthly subscription, giving you $40-100 of products for $20 a a month. You can also skip a month if you would like or cancel anytime (even after your free box). You also take a quiz that tells you which "style" you are, giving you the option every month to stick with your style's box of the month or switch to another.  You can always see what all the boxes will be ahead of time so that you can pick which you want or skip the month.

So I went ahead and bought the .01 cent first box (my style is It Girl so I will be getting 3 polishes, which I will review), and then realized that they have another deal going on! A deal that is sure to go quickly and is already selling out! Julep is having a mystery box sale for St. Patrick's day. The box is retailed at $60, and can be anywhere from $60-200 worth of products. However if you use the coupon GREEN you can get it for $20!  They only have 2000 available so get it while you can! After signing up here, click on this site to buy the mystery box.

Or just try out the first box free :)

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