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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Look Bag - March

Hey beauty lovers! I'm back for another Look Bag review. I haven't tried everything yet so this will be a quick info post.  I wasn't too happy with this month's back since it's all geared towards skincare (and anti-aging ones at that).  I also wasn't very thrilled because the only makeup product was the full-size product, which would normally be great but it's a nude lip liner. I rarely use lip products let alone liners.

1. Indie Lee - Squaline Face Oil around (this bottle didn't have a size label)  Indie Lee's website says this is for diminishing fine lines and anti-aging
2. Cattiva Nude Lip Liner retails at $20 I will probably include this in my giveaway!
3. SheaTerra Rose Hips Black Soap 1oz. I'm excited for this sample, i've heard great things about it. And apparently Dr. Oz promotes it too :)
4. Glam Glow .24oz.  This is a mud mask, and smells great. I haven't tried it yet but i'm pretty excited to. However it will probably only last 2 applications
5. Frownies - this is ridiculous in my opinion. I can see that this is a good and respectable product, however everyone got one in their Look Bag this month regardless of what their age is. I'm 24 and there's no need for this.  If anyone is interested in this please let me know and I will add it to my giveaway (or just send it to you anyway!)

Was this worth $10? In my opinion no. Considering i'm only going to use 2 of the products and they're not even that big!

For those of you who are interest in joining, this was just MY bag. Others got different items (really neat hand made soaps and lip glosses and eye brow products). So there are very good things about the Look Bag, this bag just wasn't suitable for me since I don't wear lip liner or have aging skin right now!


  1. I agree with you on the box... they should really consider the age of their subscriber.. I feel the same way when I get anti-aging products from my subscription services.. I received Glam Glow in one of my boxes and didn't really like it. Just found it really abrasive on my skin but would love to know what you think :)
    Love your blog.. now following!


  2. Hi Stephanie! I just wanted to let you know that I tagged you to do one of those get to know me tag games. :)